The following forms or guides have been updated as per the Australian Securities & Investments Commission (ASIC) website and now show the date of 12 March 2014

  • Form 201 – Application for registration as an Australian company (LL-FED-ASIC001)
  • Form 205 – Notification of resolution (LL-FED-ASIC148)
  • Form 2205 – Notification of resolutions regarding shares (LL-FED-ASIC149)
  • Form 315 – Notification of resignation, removal or cessation of auditor (LL-FED-ASIC147)
  • Form 362 – Notification by a company to nominate or cease a registered agent or contact address (LL-FED-ASIC002
  • Form 370 – Notification by officeholder of resignation or retirement (LL-FED-ASIC106)
  • Form 388 – Copy of financial statements and reports (LL-FED-ASIC063)
  • Form 402 – Application for registration as a foreign company (LL-FED-ASIC031)
  • Form 405 – Statement to verify financial statements of a foreign company (LL-FED-ASIC176)
  • Form 410 – Application for reservation of a name (LL-FED-ASIC044)
  • Form 484 – Change to company details (LL-FED-ASIC059)
  • Form 484 – Change to company details – Section A (LL-FED-ASIC185)
  • Form 484 – Change to company details – Section B (LL-FED-ASIC186)
  • Form 484 – Change to company details – Section C (LL-FED-ASIC187)
  • Form 486 – Notification by a company to nominate or cease a registered agent or contact address (LL-FED-ASIC005)
  • Form 490 – Notification of change to directors of a registered body (LL-FED-ASIC007)
  • Form 492 – Request for correction (LL-FED-ASIC126)
  • Form 505 – Notification of appointment or cessation of an external administrator (LL-FED-ASIC114)
  • Form 507 – Report as to affairs (LL-FED-ASIC168)
  • Form 519 – Notification of court action relating to winding up (LL-FED-ASIC127)
  • Form 524 – Presentation of accounts and statement (LL-FED-ASIC160)
  • Form 6010 – Application for voluntary deregistration of a company (LL-FED-ASIC046)
  • Form 960 – Application for copy of certificate (LL-FED-ASIC023)
  • Form FS20 – Change of details for an Australian financial services licence (LL-FED-ASIC009)
  • Form FS70 – Australian financial services licensee profit and loss statement and balance sheet (LL-FED-ASIC055)
  • Form FS71 – Australian financial services licensee audit report (LL-FED-ASIC054)
  • Form RA01 – Notification to register, change details of or cease as an agent (LL-FED-ASIC154)

WA – Landgate – Transfers

The following WA Landgate forms contain amended automation:

Transfer of Land with additional pages containing VOI statement – Form T2A (LL-WA-LAND-036);

Transfer of Land by mortgagee containing VOI statement – Form T4A (LL-WA-LAND-037).


WA – Magistrates Court

The following new form has been added to LEAP:

  • Application or request to a court – Form 6 (Magistrates Court)

Note: this form is for use in the Magistrates Court. If you require Form 6 for use in the District Court, please use:

  • Application to Court for enforcement order – Form 6 (District Court)

SA – Vendor’s Statement – Form 1

Vendor’s Statement (Section 7) – Form 1 (LL-SA-PR-0073) has been updated.  The change, in accordance with Land and Business (Sale and Conveyancing) Variation Regulations 2014, is to the instructions to the Vendor for completing the statement.

WA – Workers Compensation – Infringement

The following forms have been replaced in accordance with the Workers’ Compensation and Injury Management Amendment Regulations (No. 2) 2014

  • Infringement notice – Form 40 (LL-WA-PI-052); and
  • Withdrawal of infringement notice – Form 41 (LL-WA-PI-053).

VIC – Transfer of Land (T2)

The Department of Transport, Planning & Local Infrastructure (Land Victoria) have updated the heading of the Transfer of Land (T2) form.  The LEAP form  (LL-VIC-LTO-055) will now display with the words ‘Creating an Easement and/or Restrictive Covenant’ under the heading ‘Transfer of Land’. 

The Department has advised that ALL transfers lodged either with or without this heading will be accepted.

QLD – Motor Accident Insurance Commission

The following MAIC forms have now been updated to version 3:

  • Form 1 – Notice of Accident Claim Form (Non-Fatal Injury) LL-QLD-PI-0001;
  • Form 2 – Additional Information Form LL-QLD-PI-0004;
  • Form 3 – Report of Traffic Incident to Police LL-QLD-PI-0003;
  • Form 4 – Notice of Accident Claim Form (Fatal Injury) LL-QLD-PI-0002.


QLD – Justices Act

The following Justices Act forms have been added to LEAP:

  • Application for a Witness to attend before the Court in a Committal Proceeding (LL-QLD-CRIM-74)
  • Application for Disclosure Obligation Direction (LL-QLD-CRIM-75)
  • Application Alleging Non-compliance with Disclosure Obligation Direction (LL-QLD-CRIM-76)

FED – Family template changes

Changes have been made to the template that controls the majority of the Family Law documents.

These enhancements/changes include -

  1. When multiple parties are entered on 1 Card, the message that displayed was causing clients problems.  This has been resolved with a prompt to advise clients that the parties listed in the dialog need to be entered on separate cards;
  2. When calculating a document that has figures i.e. Financial Statement, a progress bar will now display, ensuring that clients know the process is working;
  3. When closing a document that has a calculation, operators will now be prompted to re-calculate the document – this has been done as a result of clients not always remembering to re-calculate their documents before closing, and in turn their figures were not adding up; and
  4. A problem associated with the Conciliation Conference Particulars (LL-FED-FAM-162) where the calculation was entering the word ‘NIL’ in the column headings has been resolved.


VIC – Statement of Adjustments

Enhancements have been made to the Victorian Statement of Adjustments and released today.

They are -

  1. Penalty Interest – a check box option to include ‘Both Days’ in the calculation ie Settlement Date and the ‘To Date’, the default will be to not include the Settlement Day; and
  2. The cheque for the water authority will now have a notation stating ‘(includes amount for water and sewerage usage charges)’ if applicable.

These changes have been made as a result from client feedback.  If you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact us at LEAP.

FED – Fair Work Commission

New forms have been added to the LEAP Fair Work Commission profile in relation to Bullying in the Workplace.

These forms are :-

  • Form F72 – Application for an order to stop bullying
  • Form F73 – Response from an employer/principal to an application for an order to stop bullying
  • Form F74 – Response from a person against whom bullying has been alleged to an application for an order to stop bullying


SA – Stewart Title Insurance

A new folder called Stewart Title Insurance has been added to LEAP.  It can be found in SA Purchase matter types and contains the following forms:

  • Authority to act (LL-SA-PR-0079)
  • Instruction checklist (LL-SA-PR-0080)
  • Letter to client sending final policy (LL-SA-PR-0081)
  • Letter to client sending policy confirmation (LL-SA-PR-0082)
  • Suggested paragraphs for conveyancers (LL-SA-PR-0083)

QLD – Lexon updates

The following Conveyancing First letters have been updated in LEAP in accordance with changes notified by Lexon this week:

  • Buyer Booklet Commercial (LL-QLD-CFL-051)
  • Buyer Enquiries Commercial (LL-QLD-CFL-053)
  • Buyer Booklet Residential (LL-QLD-CFL-060)
  • Buyer Enquiries Residential (LL-QLD-CFL-062)
  • Buyer Enquiries Proposed Residential Lot in a CTS Off the Plan (LL-QLD-CFL-057)
  • Buyer Letter Proposed Residential Lot in a CTS Off the Plan (LL-QLD-CFL-058)
  • Seller Booklet Commercial (LL-QLD-CFL-066)
  • Seller Enquiries Commercial (LL-QLD-CFL-068)
  • Seller Booklet Residential (LL-QLD-CFL-072)

VIC – VCAT – Guardianship List

Further to our review of all VCAT forms, the following VCAT Guardianship List form has been updated:

  • Request by applicant for leave to withdraw application (LL-VIC-VCAT-006)

The following new forms have also been created:

  • Application for a rehearing (LL-VIC-VCAT-105)
  • Application for special procedure (LL-VIC-VCAT-106)
  • Application regarding missing persons estate (LL-VIC-VCAT-107)
  • Application to register an interstate order (LL-VIC-VCAT-108)
  • Application to revoke or reassess a guardianship or administration order (LL-VIC-VCAT-109)
  • Financial statement and plan (LL-VIC-VCAT-110)
  • Lawyers or other representatives registration of interest (LL-VIC-VCAT-111)
  • Medical report (LL-VIC-VCAT-112)
  • Request to add or remove name from guardianship list register (LL-VIC-VCAT-113)
  • Resignation by attorney under enduring power of attorney (LL-VIC-VCAT-114)
  • Section 11 request to VCAT form (LL-VIC-VCAT-115)

The following forms have been deleted:

  • Adjournment request (LL-VIC-VCAT-001)
  • Application to guardianship list – Form 2 (LL-VIC-VCAT-002)
  • Application to guardianship list – Disability Act – Form 3 (LL-VIC-VCAT-004)
  • Estate summary (LL-VIC-VCAT-005)

NSW – Legal Rates

Due to the consolidation of former Tribunals into the NSW Civil and Administrative Tribunal (NCAT) the Consumer Trader and Tenancy Tribunal (CTTT)  legal rates have been deleted and replaced with the NCAT legal rates.

WA – District Court of Western Australia

In accordance with the District Court Amendment Rules 2013 (No 2)(WA), the following forms have been:

Added as new forms

  • Originating summons – Form 1B (LL-WA-DC-0021); and
  • Notification of contact and service information – Form 1C (LL-WA-DC-0022).


  • Entry for trial – Form 1 (LL-WA-DC-0009).


  • Memorandum of appearance – Form 1AA (LL-WA-DC-0014).