SA – Advance Care Directive

As the Advance Care Directives Act has now come into force, the following forms are no longer required and have now been removed from LEAP:

  • Anticipatory Direction (LL-SA-WPA-0009);
  • Enduring Guardianship (LL-SA-WPA-0007);
  • Medical Power of Attorney (LL-SA-WPA-008).

SA – Advance Care Directive

A new folder has been added to SA LEAP Wills & Power of Attorney called Advance Care Directive.

The new Advance Care Directive Form (LL-SA-ACD-001) has now been added to that folder.

FED – Australian Securities & Investments Commission (ASIC) Forms

The following Australian Securities & Investments Commission (ASIC) forms have been updated in LEAP:

  • Presentation of accounts and statement – Form 524 (LL-FED-ASIC160)
  • Application for copy of a certificate – Form 960 (LL-FED-ASIC023)
  • Application for copies of documents – Form 961 (LL-FED-ASIC022)
  • Application for information from an ASIC Register – Form 962 (LL-FED-ASIC030)
  • Application for information about a specific personal name – Form 963 (LL-FED-ASIC028)
  • Application for information about specific corporations – Form 964 (LL-FED-ASIC029)
  • Australian financial services licensee profit and loss statement and balance sheet – Form FS70 (LL-FED-ASIC055)
  • Australian financial services licensee audit report – Form FS71 (LL-FED-ASIC054)
  • Notification – annual continuing education and compliance self-assessment – Form M64 (LL-FED-ASIC206)

A large number of ASIC form guides have also been updated due to fee indexation from 1 July 2014. The privacy statement contained within the form guides has also been updated, where applicable.

For a detailed list of the form guides which have been updated in LEAP, please click on the link below. [Read more...]

NT – Swimming Pool Fencing Forms

A new folder called Swimming Pool Fencing has been created in LEAP for NT Sale and Purchase matter types.

All existing Swimming Pool Fencing forms have been moved from the Miscellaneous folder to the new Swimming Pool Fencing folder.

The following Swimming Pool Fencing forms have been amended:

  • Form A2V – No pool statutory declaration (vendor) (LL-NT-PR-0127);
  • Form A2P – No pool statutory declaration (purchaser) (LL-NT-PR-0092);
  • Form C2 – Declaration of compliance (LL-NT-PR-0163);
  • Form C4 – Purchaser’s declaration (LL-NT-PR-0165);
  • Form C5 – Declaration of proposed compliance to Community Safety Standard (LL-NT-PR-0166);
  • Form M3 – Application for a variation of compliance certificate (LL-NT-PR-0161);
  • Form M4 – Application for a provisional compliance certificate (LL-NT-PR-0162).

The following Swimming Pool Fencing forms have been added to LEAP:

  • Form A1 – Dividing pool/spa barrier notice (LL-NT-PR-0171);
  • Form N1 – Application for an interim compliance certificate (LL-NT-PR-0167);
  • Form N2 – Construction of pool/spa pool contractor or owner-builder notification (LL-NT-PR-0170);
  • Form N4 – Application for a compliance certificate (LL-NT-PR-0168);
  • Form C7 – Application for temporary acknowledgement notice (LL-NT-PR-0169).